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Art and Culture

La cultura sarda va suddivisa in due parti.La prima è quella dei paesi dell’intero, ancora oggi legati fortemente alle antiche tradizioni ed all’organizzazione della vita secondo uno schema agro-pastorale, che ha subito meno l’influenza dei popoli conquistatori.La seconda è quella dei paesi costieri e limitrofi, invece segnati dalle culture dei vari invasori.Tutto questo s’intravede nell’arte, nell’artigianato, nella lingua nei costumi ed usi ecc.

Customs and traditions

Local arts and crafts
It is one of the most characteristic aspects of the island and its citizens, which communicate simplicity, sincerity and elegance. This activity finds its roots in the long and remote past, they principally use to realise objects which were used in the houses or in the countryside, followed by ornaments and jewellers.

Myths and Legends

Sardinian Language
It is a Romantic language, the closest to Latin, characterized by presence within it of different dialects, according to the different areas of Sardinia. Of particular interest is the language of the Sardinian poetry.

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